That Tree Fella

Tree Removal and Stump Removal

Specialising in Melbourne tree removal, That Tree Feller offers a complete service of tree and stump removal, pruning and hedging and mulching. We service the Melbourne region and outer Melbourne, Macedon Ranges and the Western suburbs. Exceptional at what we do, we are passionate about delivering premium-quality service to each and every client and accomplishing successful outcomes. Achieving key results for clientele over the time, we have successfully flourished as a thriving business offering solutions to suit your requirements and wishes. That Tree Feller tackles large and small jobs with expertise and knowledge and no task is too large. Efficient and delivering a timely service, we believe in affordability and provide services at competitive prices  Melbourne tree removal was never more easy and efficient than with That Tree Feller and we strictly adhere to safety guidelines and protocols to ensure that you, your household or team, members of the public and our team are safe in the working environment throughout projects.

Reasons For Melbourne Tree Removal

There is a plethora of reasons for Melbourne tree removal and That Tree Feller can help you when it is time to get rid of a tree from your residential, commercial or industrial property. If the tree is dead, that is an obvious reason to have it felled, however if you notice that the top of the tree or the branches are dying or the trunk shows signs of not being healthy, it might be time to remove that tree from your life. Some trees are damaged by storms; they can take a beating in raging Melbourne winter (even summer!) storms and if your tree is damaged beyond repair, it is time to have That Tree Feller booked in to perform a Melbourne tree removal. Sometimes trees grow too close to the house or even if they are several metres away, the root system is interrupting the structure of the building or pavement. When a tree also grows into utility lines such as power lines and you consider it too big to have in your property, that’s another reason for engaging with us to perform a removal for you. Families with children might love having trees for the kids to climb but sometimes if a tree is leaning dangerously towards the children’s play area or the house or another structure, it is wise to have a Melbourne tree removal performed by That Tree Feller. Another reason that is dependent on how you manage with cleaning up an abundance of leaves or needles, a tree can be a little frustrating if it drops a lot of debris on the ground and many times, clients choose to remove the tree to avoid the continual maintenance of their outdoor area. If you have solar energy power at your home and a tree or more than one tree is blocking the solar panels from taking in the full amount of sun required to keep your household running on solar energy, it might be time to think about removing that tree. It is especially necessary if you have solar hot water and the tree is blocking the panels for the hot water system. Who wants to end up with a cold shower?

That Tree Feller Service

With efficacy and productivity at the forefront so is the client focus for That Tree Feller and we aim to achieve one hundred percent client satisfaction. A review by Jake Goodey says ‘did a great job removing a bunch of trees and grinding down stumps. Reasonable cost and was done to budget without any hassles. Nice clean up at the end too. Would definitely use again’. This attests to our premium service and affordable pricing; we don’t charge exorbitant prices like some companies; we believe in focusing on solutions for the client and achieving key results for a reasonable price. We have managed Melbourne tree removals for a variety of reasons including structural issues such as interior decay of the trunk, diseased trees and insect-infested trees and over-crowding of trees.